Two wheelers are not allowed
Dear parents,
We at DAV, always strive for the betterment and safety of your ward. In this regard, this is to inform you that driving Two wheelers without valid driving license is not allowed as per law. we have been receiving instructions from civil administrations also from time to time, to inform students and parents. A Provision of financial penalty is also there for the  Defaulters along with imprisonment.
Further, as informed earlier, You are advised to discourage your wards to use two wheelers for commuting to school.
As per Traffic rules, their vehicles may also be impounded and school will not be responsible for any such act. 


Dear Parents,
We would like to inform you that bus charges have been revised w.e.f. December 1, 2023.
DAV Public School
Dear Parents
We are excited to invite you to our upcoming Career Fest, where your child will have the opportunity to explore various career paths and gain valuable insights into the professional world. This event aims to bridge the gap between education and the workforce.
Date: 25/11/23
Time: 10:00am onwards
Venue-DAV Public School Riverside,Ambala Cantt
Join us in supporting your child’s journey towards a successful future. Your presence is highly valued, and we look forward to fostering a collaborative environment for the benefit of our students.
Best regards,
Dear Parents,
We, at DAV, remain steadfast in our commitment to maintaining a safe and law-abiding environment within the school premises. The rules and regulations are also explicitly outlined in the school diary.
Any student found in breach of these regulations will face resolute disciplinary actions. It is essential to underscore that the school is bound by legal obligations to take rigorous measures against such students, adhering to a No Tolerance Policy.
In this endeavor, we earnestly seek your cooperation as parents to assist us in preemptive measures aimed at averting such situations. We propose the following suggestions:
1. Monitor your child’s social media usage, both in terms of time and content.
2. Be attuned to any significant changes in your child’s behavior.
3. Stay informed about your child’s friends and the activities they partake in as a group.
4. Engage in occasional, friendly conversations with your child to gain insights into any deviations from the norm and provide guidance.
5. Periodically inspect your child’s bag and room to check for any concealed, unwarranted items.
6. Exercise vigilance and awareness regarding your child’s whereabouts outside of school, as well as their associates during social events.
We genuinely hope that through our combined efforts, we can effectively guide our students in a timely and constructive manner. Please be aware that the school will be compelled to take stringent actions in response to any violations of these regulations.

Warm regards,